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Why Study in Canada?

Canada is number 1 country in the world when it comes to providing high quality education. It’s education reputation is built on quality, and it is known for excellence throughout the educational sector. It offers a vibrant and hands on academic atmosphere in which you may obtain knowledge and skills in research and presentation. You will also master how to communicate your thoughts, exhibit your creativity, and grow your self confidence! Professors are constantly available and willing to assist students with their studies. They combine academic brilliance with classroom involvement and collaboration. Universities, colleges, and polytechnics across Canada provide industry-relevant, career-focused programs, as well as growing quantities of applied research to address industry concerns.

Tuition fee for international students (estimated per year):

Canada colleges/universities tuition fee ranges between CAD$ 18,000 and CAD$ 30,000.

Estimated annual living expenses: CAD$ 10,000 to CAD$ 15,000

Canada is routinely ranked as one of the finest locations in the world to live by the United Nations. As a foreign student in Canada, you will have access to all Canadians’ same liberties -All ideals must be protected, including human rights, equality, and a peaceful and stable society. Furthermore, Canada’s main cities, Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal have been regarded as world-class places to live and work in due to their cleanliness, safety, cultural activities, and appealing lifestyles.

The government has taken the opportunity to persuade overseas students to stay in Canada permanently. They often bring excellent employment and conversational skills, which are enhanced by their Canadian education and job experience, putting them in a good position to seek permanent residency

Because Canada is a multilingual nation, studying in Canada is a beautiful way to improve your language abilities and increase your chances of a rewarding profession. Coursework in French or English is an essential component of Canada’s educational system, enriching the country’s cultural and communal life.

It is a fantastic option to live in Canada while expanding and enhancing your professional abilities. Over 98% of Canadian college graduates find work in their field of study within six months of graduation, and 93% of employers are happy with graduates.

Many colleges and universities provide a Co-op option/paid internship as part of their course curriculum, allowing students to get necessary job experience related to their studies. You must apply for a co-op education work permit once you have obtained a study permit while attending college. International student advisers at the college/university where you are