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Canada Permanent Residency

Canada Permanent Residency

If you are motivated to relocate to Canada, a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa is the best option. One yearns to relocate to Canada because of its several appealing characteristics, including its high quality of life, environment, and possibilities. The United Nations has proclaimed it as the number one location for residing. This destination’s international success is also attributable to its multicultural setting. Canada’s official languages are English and French under Official Languages Act of 1969 and also the most spoken languages in the country today claiming it a global destination.

Being a Canadian Permanent Resident means you have been given the right to live and work in Canada without becoming its citizen. You will be provided a Canada PR card which needs to be renewed after every five years until you become a citizen of Canada. Except voting you will have access to all the rights of a Canadian citizen.

Are you eligible for Canadian PR

Canada provides first-rate settlement choices for Federal skilled workers, Federal skilled trades, Self-employed, Businessmen, Investors. Every year, lakhs of individuals migrate to this country from all over the world. Canada guarantees rights and freedom to all citizens, including those who legally live in the nation.

The nation’s exceptional amenities, like subsidized and government-funded health care services and educational support, further entice migrants to relocate to this tranquil location. In addition, the country is highly safe and secure. Undoubtedly, Canada is an ideal country preference for relocating permanently with your family.

If you are prepared to relocate to Canada permanently, now is the time to act.

The first step in starting your trip is to seek appropriate counseling. Visit Future Abroad, one of the highly renowned and reputed immigration experts for perfect guidance. Gets comprehensive step-by-step instruction on everything starting from CRS calculation to getting a Confirmation of Permanent Residence.

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What are the advantages of being a permanent resident?

Permanent residents of Canada are eligible for a variety of advantages, including:

  • They are permitted to live, study, and work in Canada.
  • They are eligible to seek Canadian citizenship.
  • They are suitable for health care and other social benefits, just like Canadian citizens.
  • A permanent resident is protected under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

We provide Canada Permanent Residency services in the following categories-

  • Express Entry Program
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Self Employed
  • Family Sponsorship

Who is eligible to apply?

The following are prerequisites to qualify under Express Entry

  • Your minimum qualification must be a Bachelor degree.
  • Your occupation should be on Canada’s NOC in demand list.
  • You need a minimum general IELTS score of 8 in Listening, 7 in Reading, 7 in Writing and 7 in Speaking.
  • You must have enough savings in your bank account.
  • You should be able to provide proof in the form of documents for everything.

Documents you might need for Express Entry

  • Educational documents
  • Reference Letters from your employers
  • ECA Report
  • IELTS Score Card, Valid Passport, Medicals, Police Clearance Certificate, Proof of funds.