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Tourist Visa

A Tourist Visa allows foreigners to enter, pass through, or remain in a country of which they do not have citizenship, for a limited time. We aid tourists in preparing application procedures reliably.

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Study Visa

A Student Visa is required for a student to study abroad. Future Abroad is known as one of the leading companies that offer Student Visa services.

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Permanent Immigration

A Migration Visa is for skilled workers and professionals who can become permanent residents in a country of which they do not have citizenship.

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With education, the future is bright.

Future Abroad Education Consultants is a Chandigarh-based professional organization that provides exceptional services in the area of overseas education for students aspiring for a career abroad.

Future Abroad, founded in October 2007, is headed by a team of MBAs from reputed business schools of India, and it’s going strong! Due to our professional team’s dedication, hard work, and up-to-date knowledge on immigration legislation, Future Abroad has become one of the most successful education consultancies of India.

We provide Student Visa consultancy services for Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, UK and USA. Besides the Study Visas, we also provide consultancy and processing for various types of visa services such as Tourist Visas, Business Visa, Visitor Visa, Working Holiday Visa, Family Visa, Permanent Immigration, etc.

We also provide various services for students and immigrants. Take a trip through this website to know more about them.

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" We Also Provide Various Services For Students And Immigrants.
Take a Trip Through This Website to Know More About Them"